3 simple steps to improve your weight loss and increase energy

  • Understand why you struggled to lose weight so far.
  • Get clarity on how and where you should start your weight loss transformation and how to avoid yo-yo effect.
  • Finally satisfy your sugar cravings with guilt free and gut friendly recipes.

Weight loss is 100% possible, you just need to know how to approach it:

How to use this ebook and what to expect?

The first step is always the hardest to make. There is no one-size fits all diet, especially when you are struggling with other health conditions but there are few things that work.

The first part of this ebook is a bit more sciency so don’t’ be put off.  It explains what’s unique about weight loss with under-active thyroid or Hashimoto’s. I believe that once we understand what’s going on in our body we are more likely to take actions to fix it đŸ™‚  If you feel like you know already everything, feel free to jump straight away to page 7 where I share 3 things you can start right away.

Next part from page 9, provides overview what’s your biggest enemy if it comes to weight loss and what to do about it. Don’t skip that one as it’s 100% proven that removing what’s harmuful or damaging is even more important than introducing new things alongside.

If you are hungry for more, the last part is for you! From page 13, I’m revealing what’s the true secret of successful weightloss and how to avoid yo-yo effect.

Table of content

  • Why you can’t lose weight: low calorie, low carbohydrate diet, workouts and chronic inflammation – 5
  • Your thyroid, weight loss and what cellular health has to do with it? – 6
  • 3 things to improve your weight loss with Hashimoto’s and under-active thyroid – 7-8
  • The number one enemy of weight loss – 9
  • Low sugar gut friendly recipes to satisfy your cravings – 10-12
  • Final thoughts & how to lose weight without yoyo effect? – 13
  • The untold truth of achieving any goal – 14
  • What’s holding you back? – 15
  • Nexts steps
  • What happy clients said

Food is your medicine, however the wrong relationship with food and with yourself is your enemy.

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