Benefits of consultation

    Is the consultation right for you?

    The consultation is suitable for everyone who is looking for help with serious health issues as well as those who are interested in longevity and optimising existing health or sports performance.

    • Understand your body’s nutritional status, potential imbalances and areas that could be improved.
    • Learn how to prevent chronic diseases and bring back body’s natural healing mechanisms
    • Learn how neutralise harmful effect of external factors present in everyday life that impact our health and ageing.
    • Find out how and where to start to optimise your health and feel great again.

    Book your free 15min consultation to find out how we can work together and what package would be the most beneficial.

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    Why you can benefit from the consultation

    We are living in a world where basically in each aspect of our life there is something that can harm our health. If not managed well it can lead to chronic diseases and various disorders affecting our physical and mental wellbeing at later stages in our life.

    Soil depleted from nutrients, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, dioxins in meats, heavy metals in fish, environmental toxins in the air and water, excess plastic, radiation, mould and chronic stress at the top of that can overwhelm our body and disrupt repair and detoxification mechanism.

    As result we just start accepting that we are not feeling so great as in the past and we explain it by ageing or even worse, we can’t remember when was the last time we felt actually good, but…. It doesn’t have to be that way!

    Feeling tired, problems with losing weight, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, anxiety and headaches are not normal! You don’t have to feel like climbing Mount Everest each day but good health is not only absence of illness, it’s a state of vitality that allows you to thrive and enjoy everyday life to the fullest.

    Mixed information spread across internet what is good and what is bad can be confusing. The truth is that nothing is black and white and there is nothing 100% good or bad. The key is to be able to compare pros and cons and choose what’s the best for you as an individual. Knowing what can benefit you is as much important as knowing what can damage your health but even more important- understanding your individual body’s biochemistry and nutritional status.  Implementing appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes to address your individual needs can make huge difference!