1:1 Consultation

Small changes each day – great results for life

Starting from £75

As a strong believer in holistic health, I offer personalised plans that cover comprehensive guidance on nutrition, lifestyle and mindset – three key aspects in achieving optimal health.

I can help you with:

  1. Thryoid (hypothyroidsm, hashimotos)
  2. Hormonal balance (PCOS, acne, uterine fibroids, PMS)
  3. Metabolic disorders (insulin resistance, diabetes)
  4. Digestive issues
  5. Autoimmune conditions
  6. Sleep and energy
  7. Weightloss & detox
  8. Sport performance, recovery and injury prevention
  9. Longevity and healthy ageing

Functional testing & analysis

  1. Advanced blood analysis
  2. Genetic testing
  3. Stool test analysis
  4. Hair mineral analysis
  5. Food intolerance tests

Depending on your goals and complexity of the case I offer various programs and packages. Book a free discovery call to find out what would work best for you.

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  • 1x 60 min initial

  • Full health review and assessment of potential imbalances
  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendation
  • Blood test analysis
  • Discounts for supplements
Is it the right one for you?

Basic package is for someone who is seeking general advice/opinion or indication of direction for treatment. It will give you brief overview what to focus on and what should be next steps but it won’t provide written personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan


  • 1x 90 min initial
  • 1x 20 min follow up within 3 days to explain the plan

  • Full health review and assessment of potential imbalances including your individual report with action points
  • Step by step personalised nutritional & lifestyle plan including meal plan with recipes.
  • Personalised supplement recommendation and/or functional testing
  • Blood test analysis
  • Discounts for supplements
  • 20 min follow up call after consultation to explain the plan and discuss it if anything is unclear/ make adjustments if required
Is it the right one for you?

This is a good choice for people who are already aware of their health and nutrition but need a bit of guidance how to achieve certain goal.

What to expect from the standard consultation?

    1. Before consultation:
    • Filling online questionnaire to get to know your profile, analyse test results and current diet so the time during consultation is used in most efficient way.
  • 2. During consultation:

    • 60-90 min thorough interview
    • Discussion about your concerns, symptoms, medical history, lifestyle and diet.
    • Blood test/functional test review with explanation
    • Assessment of all your body systems, nutritional status and potential physiological imbalances that require particular focus.
    • Proposed dietary and lifestyle recommendations with supplements and functional tests (if applicable). Practical, financial and personal considerations will be taken into account to deliver personalised program.
  • 3. After consultation*:

    • A tailored nutritional plan with step by step guidance and action points will be sent within 3-5 working days. Please refer to the packages/programmes to see what’s included in the plan.
    • 20min follow up scheduled within 3 days from the receipt of the plan to go through your plan and recommendations before your start to ensure everything is clear and you are comfortable with it.
  • 4. Follow up:

    • A follow up appointment is scheduled usually in around a month time to review your progress, challenges and set up your next action points.

*For 3 and 6 month programmes I offer continuous 1:1 coaching with weekly check ins and regular follow ups to track the progress and adjust the plan if necessary to make sure you are on a good way to achieve your goal

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