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“Up until I met Sandra, I was struggling a lot with fad dieting and unsafe fasting for as long as I can remember. I have never been someone who has looked or felt good, killing myself in the gym and eating only 1200kcals to try achieve my goal, only to gain it all again as soon as I increased my calories and always feeling tired and lethargic.
Having Sandra teach me about the different types of food and how they work in the body, telling me I can eat what I want as long as I do it the right way has changed my life. In only 4 months I have lost 15kg (only half way to my goal) on food control alone. I feel amazing, I have energy and I can’t wait to include exercise into my regime to push myself further!
Thank you forever!!”


“I have been seeing Sandra with few health issues: symptoms of Candida and post-COVID-19 fatigue. Sandra was very professional, friendly and easy to talk to about my personal health issues. She helped me to shape up my diet to suit my gut problems and fatigue symptoms by educacting me and supporting during this journey. I felt relieved when I saw her plan for me as everything was well explained: what to take, when, how much, how to make it or where to buy it and what is it for, and how it could benefit me in the long term. Although I wished the results come straight away, it did take time to see changes with my conditions as I was ignoring them for a while. With Sandra’s support and care I was able to see improvements and I’m still on the path of recovery by working my way through.

I would recommend Sandra as a nutritional therapist who took her time to adjust my eating and help me in my recovery. I appreciate her professionalism with a touch of personal care which makes a big different when you are down”.


“Sandra definitely knows her stuff. I reached out to her for advice on managing my energy levels throughout the day, as they fluctuated more than I was happy with. Sandra carried out an analysis and provided me with guidance around my nutrition and the impacts it could be having on my energy, covering off multiple topics such as macros, meal timing and even supplements. I’ve been putting this guidance into practice and haven’t looked back! Thanks Sandra!”


“Diet and supplements recommended by Sandra helped me to improve my skin hydration and get rid of reoccuring skin allergies ( I was struggling with my skin problems for a long time including dry and red eyelids). Additionally, continuous support that I received from Sandra helped me to introduce some healthy eating habits in my life. Thanks to it I feel I have more energy and I’m not that sleepy as it used to be. Highly recommended!”



“Sandra has a fantastic knowledge of many issues and pathologies and she has a great way of explaining things so they are easy to understand.

She has a great attitude and connection to her clients.  She was able to look in depth at my case and research and help me with looking in to further testing and supplements and ways to help my body to heal itself.

Sandra has been really helpful it helping me to understand whats going on in my body and find the root cause.

She was a great practitioner to work with and I would recommend her highly!”


“I’m having such a great body results since I start to follow Sandy. She gave me all the advice/tricks and tips I need and she helped me to adapt them into my lifestyle. Now I feel better and mentally everything is clear. Highly recommended”