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Thyroid Hormone Nutritional Therapist

Hello, I’m Sandra – I’m a registered Nutritional Therapist and Mindset Coach with a mission to help you to live better, healthier and a disease-free life. Fatigue, weight gain, low mood and lack of motivation are not signs of “getting old”. Being constantly stressed and busy or anxious is not normal either.

I truly believe in mind body connection in achieving optimal health, however modern lifestyle made us disconnected from what our body, mind and soul really need to thrive and enjoy the life to the fullest.

What I’m especially passionate about is the impact of stress and habits in developing chronic diseases and healing. I see many people with fairly healthy diets but struggling with lots of health issues.  We live longer, but we are getting unwell at much younger age comparing to our ancestors. So I embarked on they journey to find the answers.

It took me years to find the WAY, the way to true HEALTH and now I want to share it with you. Before that, let me just share few more things so you know if you are in the right place or not:) 

My area of expertise

I specialise in thyroid health: Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism and hormone imbalance related symptoms like PCOS, weight gain, acne, anxiety and mood disorders 

Thyroid is the “boss” of your body that regulates basically everything what is happening in your system:  digestion, sleep, energy, mood, heart and much more! Unfortunately is quite often overlooked and misdiagnosed. When your thyroid is sluggish or inflamed, everything else slows down. 

I help women that are sent back home with “normal blood results” but feeling unwell, not knowing why. I’ve been there. I know it is overwhelming and confusing being left in the dark.

With my guidance and support you can achieve the results and feel better quicker

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My story

Since I was 16 I struggled with hormonal acne. It didn’t go away when I turned 25 nor when I turned 30. Clearly I was not a teenage anymore but the acne remained. Changing my diet helped a lot but it didn’t solved it completely. I was devastated – I spent thousands on supplements, superfoods, topical creams, facial treatment etc. Nothing worked until…I looked on stress.

I was working my full time finance job (yes long hours), doing another degree, building my business and training at least 5 times a week nearly at the athlete level (not great for hormones – now I know that too). I enjoyed my busy lifestyle and I didn’t want to slow down so my thyroid did it for me. Long story short, don’t ignore when your body cries for help.

So how did I FINALLY get rid of acne and my underactive thyroid? Yes, I changed my diet, worked on my gut and liver health – but what was truly REVOLUTIONARY was working on my nervous system and my “inside”: mind-body connection, thoughts and emotions.

After quitting my banking job, I realised that I was constantly living in a resistance, against to what I really wanted and against my believes. Toxic environment, toxic people, toxic relationships and most important, living the life true to your authentic self vs following social expectations, – that’s all can create huge amount of stress that throws your body and your hormones out of balance. 

Holistic approach – getting to the root cause

In my clinic, I apply functional medicine model. I take into account your genetic make’up, environment, past medical history, dietary and lifestyle habits to identify potential bio-chemical imbalances, get to the root cause of your health.

With my 2-STEP approach we focus on zdrowie komórkowe first (optimizing mitochondria and inflammation). Then system health which is optimizing key areas: thyroid, gut & digestion, liver and adrenals. With personalized nutrition plan and the right supplements you will be able to regain full health and wellbeing.

The body is a self-healing organism. By providing all your body need and removing what is harmful you can finally experience how it is to

  • wake up refreshed in the morning,
  • be full of energy,
  • achieve dream weight and
  • simply feel good again.

The healing power of your mind

Additionally, I teach how to rewire your brain for health and stress-free living. With my 7 module F.L.O.W.E.L.L Blueprint © I will help you to identify and break your old unhealthy habits, beliefs and thinking patterns that hold you back from healing. Each modules addresses different aspect of your wellbeing. You will learn how to create healthy habits that stick, how to overcome your limitations and how to become a healthier and better version of yourself – I call it becoming a Superwoman 🙂

Imagine that “healthy and happy” is not a struggle or constant battle anymore but your “new normal”. You can make healthy choices and live a healthy fulfilling life without feeling deprived of something but…the SOLUTION is not another meal plan. It’s about your mindset that influences your choices and how you live your life. 

Believe me or not but real health transformation starts with your mind and if you truly want achieve a long lasting change, I’m will guide you on your health journey in all three areas: nutrition, lifestyle & mindset.