How to improve your low thyroid/Hashimoto’s symptoms, improve energy, lose weight and feel great again?

  • “The untold TRUTH to HEALING & wellbeing” is your ultimate guide if you truly want to get better and change your life. I wrote it to share with you ONE THING that is necessary to achieve desired results but yet something not many people talk. If you tried multiple diets, supplements and other therapies and still feeling unwell this book is for you.
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies is of course important, but quite often is not enough.

Did you know that chronic stress is one of the main causes of thyroid dysfunctions and auto-immune conditions like Hashimoto’s?

And I’m not talking about common stressors like new project at work, moving houses or some family disagreement. Im talking about your mindset, emotional wellbeing and your thoughts and habits. Less known daily stressors like:

  • overthinking the past,
  • negative thoughts,
  • not feeling enough or
  • getting triggered easily.

The list is long but these “small” things create huge tension and stress that affect your physical body. It throws your body and your hormones out of balance and prevent your from healing. No matter how good is your diet, if you don’t look at your stress, you may struggle to get better.

What else inspired me?

Blue zones – people living there in good health, reaching age 100+. They eat gluten, dairy, drink wine, yet vast majority manage to make it well into the early 90s and largely without chronic disease. If not purely diet, then what makes them so unbelievably healthy? Lifestyle, “happy mind” and low levels of stress are one of the most important

How to use this ebook and what to expect?

As a holistic health practitioner, I truly believe in the mind body connection as a fundamental to fully experience life in health and happiness. This book will give you overview on the power of habit, role of stress and your mindset in healing. I’m going to share with you 3 simple steps and skills that you can implement right now and take your health journey and your life to the next level

Part one is to explain few concepts and give you overview, why we get sick, why it’s so hard to stick to the diet and meal plans and why sometimes we get in vicious cycles, struggling to achieve the results. I provide simple overview on disease process, different types of stressors as the main contributor and power of our thoughts and mind in healing our body. The most important in this part is to understand how thoughts control our food choices and daily habits. I recommend to read this part as I believe we are more likely to change and stay motivated once we understand WHY and HOW things happen and how we can influence them. If you feel like jumping to part II with practical application and exercises then feel free to do so.

Part two provides the key 3 steps and skills necessary to rewire your brain, create healthy habits and activate your body’s self-healing power. It’s basically your step by step guide with action points and exercises that will help you to learn and apply those skills in your daily life. You will be surprised how suddenly everything starts changing and how you will start feeling. just within weeks.

Table of content


  • The power of habit – 5
  • Why people get sick at younger age
  • Time to change and stop sabotaging your progress: what your body is telling you?
  • The solution you need is not another meal plan: you are the medicine -7 We know what to do but still not doing it…Here is why
  • The biggest mistake you have been making & what really makes you unwell – 8
  • Sources of stress in your everyday life and disease process – 9
  • Food is your fuel, not “feel-good” tool…. -10
  • Stop eating your feelings and start eating to nourish yourself and heal Disease or wellbeing route – which one are you going? – 12-13


  • The power to change is within YOU – 15
  • Don’t stick the plaster on your wound. Create long lasting change instead – 16
  • 3 steps and skills to reprogram yourself and start living the life you haven’t dreamed of – 17
  • STEP I:
    • A. Habits & Tiggers – 17
    • B. Awareness + 5 min exercise to do everyday – 19-20
    • C. Reaction & Action – 21-22

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