Thyroid programme

12 – week package with 1:1 ongoing coaching |

Find the rootcause, fix your THYROID for good

The programme was designed to address potential imbalances and treat your thyroid naturally, using appropriate food, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Thyroid works in tandem with your adrenal glands. The programme will cover all aspects that matter to reboot your thyroid and feel great again. With continuous 1:1 coaching, I will guide you on your journey to make sure you are on track to reclaim your health and wellbeing.

Medication is not a solution and you don’t want to be dependent on it till the rest of your life…

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I will investigate your adrenals, food intolerances, nutrient deficiencies, gut issues, toxin exposure and other relevant aspects to prepare appropriate plan with long term strategy that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

Healing your thyroid can be be life changing

Thyroid is a small gland but has powerful impact on our health and is responsible for so many processes! At the same time it’s one of the most misdiagnosed conditions. Basic thryoid test given by GP will not tell you much and you will hear that everything is ‘within the range’ but you may be experiencing lots of ‘unexplained’ symptoms. From functional medicine perspective, to feel good, you need to be within optimal range. During the programme I will help you optimsie your thyroid function so you can feel the difference.

Thyroid is responsible for:

What’s included in the programme?

  • 1 x 90 min initial consultation.
  • 1 x 30 min follow up to explain the plan and long term strategy.
  • 6 x 45min follow ups including email support between sessions and unlimited access to my advice during the programme
  • Weekly check-in 30min sessions to track your progress, keep you accountable, motivated and discuss any challenges (optional)
  • Personalised meal plans with recipes, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Educational materials, fact-sheets and useful links.
  • Assistance with shopping, reading labels and food choices.
  • Supplement recommendation with discounts.
  • Advanced blood test* and functional test analysis
  • Stress management, emotional support and tips how to live the life you love

*Full thyroid pannel comes at extra cost.

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