“Wholistic Health” Transformation

6 – month 1:1 Health Coaching | Hashimoto’s | Hypothyroidism

Are you ready for your unique health journey?

Healthy, happy & full of energy with results that last?

With the right nutrition and support you can achieve desired goals but what most people struggle with is how to maintain the results.

“Wholistic Health” transformation is my signature programme that combines all three key aspects of health and will take you from feeling tired and stuck to finally making lifelong change that last!

It’s 100% possible, however, this time it not about nutrition & diet only.

The problems we face today can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them

– Albert Einstein

It’s about you and your mindset. If you change your thoughts and your mind, you can change your life!

Thoughts create emotions. Emotions drives our actions that impact who we are, how we feel and what we do.

It’s about finding a sustainable way of eating, building healthy habits, improving your relationship with food and with yourself. Finding the way of living that is stress-free, disease-free and rewiring your brain for health. My mission is to help you feel healthy, happy, strong and empowered.

So what is holistic health and holistic living about?

Have you ever felt that something is not right in your life but didn’t know what it is? We live our lives that are often so disconnected from ourselves that we forget how it is to really feel ALIVE. A life so focused on the external that we forget that our true health and happiness comes from inside us and it needs to be nurtured too.

A holistic lifestyle recognises the connection between our mind, body, soul and our external environment, and focuses on finding the root cause of our issues. It takes into account that so many things can effect us at a root level, and throw us off balance, and very often the ‘symptom’ is just one small part of the whole problem

Living holistically is possibly the healthiest way you can live, and it’s more accessible that you might think it is!

How “Wholistic Health” transformation will benefit you?

It optimises your health and supports:

  • Your physical body in gaining more energy and more vitality.
  • Your mental health by decreasing stress and anxiety
  • How you deal with overwhelm and challenges in your life. It provides tools to support you gaining clarity, purpose and passion.

By learning how to live holistically you will develop more self awareness, and become more aligned with your truest, highest self, and in doing this we you will be able to start living the live you truly want and deserve.

Is this programme for you? Are you:

  • Tired of constant fatigue no matter how much you sleep, relying on 3 cups of coffee to power through the day and sugar to stay awaken in the afternoon?

  • Looking for answers on google, facebook groups and youtube how to get rid of your symptoms and feel better?

  • Trying to eat healthy but seeing no difference or losing motivation after few weeks?

  • Overwhelmed with life and feeling guilty that you are not the women, mother, wife or friend you used to be or not feeling “enough”?

  • Stressed out, lacking purpose and fulfilment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to take control of your health and wellbeing!

I can help you with:

During the programme:

  • We will find the root cause of your symptoms and run additional tests if necessary

  • Look at your lifestyle, environment and its impact on your health

  • Balance all your body systems with appropriate foods, supplements and mind-body techniques.

  • Work on mind-body connection: your thoughts, beliefs and their impact on your physical body and how to re-align and re-connect with your truest, highest self and live holistically.

  • Build healthy long lasting habits

  • Work on your mindset, self-awareness, emotional stress and how to cope with it so your day is not a struggle anymore

What else included?

Are you ready to take action?

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