Estrogen Dominance and Hypothyroidism. 6 Tips How To Improve Estrogen Dominance Naturally

Estrogen and the thyroid. Both play crucial roles in a woman’s health, influencing literally everything from mood to metabolism. While underactive thyroid is a well-known condition, its lesser-known partner in crime is estrogen dominance.  In this post, I will dive deep into the fascinating connection between estrogen dominance and hypothyroidism, estrogen genetics and also sharing simple tips how to improve hypothyroidism by improving estrogen dominance naturally.

Insulin – a secret killer, and it’s not only about diabetes

Insulin resistance is new ‘pandemic’ of our modern society. Many people associate insulin with diabetes only but between diabetes type II and being healthy is a huge gap and this is where we talk about insulin resistance. Insulin is gaining more and more attention but still is ignored by most doctors in UK. Let’s take a closer look how insulin affect your health and wellbeing and how you can reverse insulin resistance naturally.

5 things every woman should know about progesterone.

As we age our body produces less and less progesterone. Progesterone levels drops dramatically after age 30 and hit rock bottom in menopause. Progesterone is the ‘feel good’ hormone that its power is often underestimated and a bit neglected. Why you need and how to increase it naturally? Here is eveyrthing you should know

What’s the link between potassium and insulin resistance?

I came across this amazing link between potassium and insulin when I was researching root causes of hypertension. I have to admit I never paid much attention to importance of potassium. Magnesium and zinc were my ‘number one’ minerals. However, it turned out that potassium deserves some more attention too and here’s why: What potassiumContinue reading “What’s the link between potassium and insulin resistance?”

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