Best and worst oils for cooking

Lots of contradictive information about fats and oils can be overwhelming. What are good and bad fats? Which oils are healthiest to cook or fry with? And which should be avoided? Here is little guide for you about fats and what you should know when choosing oils. Smoke point – does it really matter? First,Continue reading “Best and worst oils for cooking”

What’s the link between potassium and insulin resistance?

I came across this amazing link between potassium and insulin when I was researching root causes of hypertension. I have to admit I never paid much attention to importance of potassium. Magnesium and zinc were my ‘number one’ minerals. However, it turned out that potassium deserves some more attention too and here’s why: What potassiumContinue reading “What’s the link between potassium and insulin resistance?”

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