5 easy ways to boost your omega 3 intake and balance omega 6:3 ratio.

Did you know that even healthy foods like nuts, tofu or chickpeas are actually high in omega 6s? I’m not even talking about grain raised meats and processed foods. Typical modern diet includes far more omega 6s and usually not enough omega 3s. Personally, I love peanut butter and all other nut butters. They areContinue reading “5 easy ways to boost your omega 3 intake and balance omega 6:3 ratio.”

Best and worst oils for cooking

Lots of contradictive information about fats and oils can be overwhelming. What are good and bad fats? Which oils are healthiest to cook or fry with? And which should be avoided? Here is little guide for you about fats and what you should know when choosing oils. Smoke point – does it really matter? First,Continue reading “Best and worst oils for cooking”

How to maximise muscle growth – nutrition tips

There are few things you can do to maximise your gains after workout. Let’s focus on nutrition today and how it may improve muscle repair, growth and strength. NUTRITION: Spread protein intake throughout the day. 20-30g is average recommended amount per meal/serving to maximise MPS. Consuming more than 30g in one meal will not addContinue reading “How to maximise muscle growth – nutrition tips”

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