How to maximise muscle growth – nutrition tips

There are few things you can do to maximise your gains after workout. Let’s focus on nutrition today and how it may improve muscle repair, growth and strength. NUTRITION: Spread protein intake throughout the day. 20-30g is average recommended amount per meal/serving to maximise MPS. Consuming more than 30g in one meal will not addContinue reading “How to maximise muscle growth – nutrition tips”

Best workout routine to build muscles fast

The most effective type of the workout to stimulate MPS is resistance training as it makes muscles more sensitive to amino acids uptake and as mentioned earlier amino acids are the build blocks of you muscles. Work out routine also plays quite important role in MPS. Number of sets – multiple sets are better thanContinue reading “Best workout routine to build muscles fast”

Everything you should know about protein

You may heard a lot that people don’t eat enough protein, especially vegans but why proteins are so important and how much you should actually consume? I collected some data and briefly summarised some key information on the role of protein, muscle building, daily protein requirements and if there is best time to have yourContinue reading “Everything you should know about protein”

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